Our Recent Work

We are committed to transforming the way natural resources information is managed and communicated to biologists, decision makers, and the public. We provide our clients with practical and cost-effective solutions to address their natural resources information management, translation, and communication needs.

Website Development and Data Management

Northwest Power and Conservation Council

The Columbia River, home to salmon and steelhead ,is now also home to a voracious  predator. To help inform the Pacific Northwest about the  threat, the NPCC asked us to develop an informational website.

Yakama Nation Fisheries

Working with the Tribe, we modernize d and streamlined their   procedures for collecting, maintaining, and sharing  steelhead redd count data through the use of ESRI 123 to develop a data capture , transfer, and  storage system.

Burns Paiute Tribe

To help the Tribe better manage fish and wildlife data that had been collected  for more than 20 years, we created  a data management system that was and coupled with  customized ESRI story maps .

Mapping, Visualization, and Outreach

We transform our clients  information into clear and engaging graphics that pique the user’s interest and reminds them why it matters in the restoration and conservation of our natural resources.


Story Maps


Regional Services/Collaboration

Fish Screens Oversight Committee

The Fish Screening Oversight Committee (FSOC) provides interested parties with technical information necessary to facilitate effective planning and implementation of fish screening projects in the Columbia River Basin, consistent with best available science and applicable law.

QW facilitates the discussion among fish managers of the technical merits and implications of projects and issues to find agreement.

The FSOC provides a forum for federal, state, tribal, and private entities to exchange information on fish screening concerns in the Columbia River Basin.