What We Do

Studies often produce a significant volume of data. Managing, translating, and preparing these data for reporting purposes can be an expensive and time-consuming process. QW Consulting specializes in designing and implementing processes to meet our clients’ project and program-specific goals. Our experience in data management and translation, system support, and communications in the Columbia River Basin is well established. The integrated team at QW Consulting has the expertise and experience to transform our clients’ complex data and information into insightful products that inform biologists, decision makers, and the public.

At QW Consulting we provide innovative and economical solutions in response to clients’ information management, translation, systems support, and communication needs. We are proud to provide services that help to inform biologists, decision makers, and the general public about our clients’ efforts towards natural resources management and conservation. By understanding our client’s needs, we use the most practical and cost-effective approaches to prepare graphics, reports, and communications collateral that translate complex data into formats that are appropriate for diverse audiences.

Our expertise and services include:

Data Management and Translation

  • Mine, compile, manage, and translate data to create interpretive graphics that simplify complex issues
  • Communicate technical information for biologists, decision makers, and the public

Information Technology

  • Application and website development
  • GIS–mapping, geo-database management, and data library development
  • Database development and integration
  • Web and graphical design

Information System Management and Training

  • Evaluate and update current systems
  • Coordinate and manage data management/presentation projects

Communications & Outreach

  • Prepare and edit technical reports
  • Identify and implement opportunities to communicate roles and values of natural resource programs
  • Produce printed materials for outreach and education, including content for websites, social media sites, newsletters, fact sheets, presses releases, event proceedings, and products for use at regional and annual conferences
  • Strategic communications planning and implementation with particular emphasis on promoting awareness of natural resources program accomplishments

Stakeholder Engagement, Collaboration, and Strategic Planning

  • Organize, coordinate, and facilitate focus groups, workshops, meetings, and conferences
  • Synthesize workshop, meeting, and conference results
  • Coordinate environmental and natural resources projects
  • Provide reviews of proposed activities, policies, and regulations