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Yakama Nation's Annual Report and Web Resource

We have been helping the Yakama Nation Fisheries translate complex biological information to illustrate how the actions associated with their Fish Accord habitat projects are a bold step forward in the restoration of ecosystems on the Tribe’s Ceded Lands. Using compelling visuals and clear language, we created a report to explain the Fisheries Department’s approach to tribal members and other interested parties, helping them understand how the habitat projects will help restore the fish that are important to the Tribe’s people.


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Habitat Annual Report :

Web Resource :

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Department of Fisheries

The Fisheries Department of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Spring Reservation of Oregon wanted to increase the exposure of its efforts to protect and restore fisheries resources. We helped to spotlight their initiatives by utilizing one of today’s most powerful marketing resources: the internet. We transformed the Tribes’ information into clear and engaging graphics that pique the user’s interest in the Fisheries Department and reminds them why the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Spring Reservation of Oregon matters in the restoration and conservation of fisheries resources.


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Website :

Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC)

Statistics and caveats are important for transparency, but non-technical users often get lost in the data. We thought: What if we produced magazine-style visuals for the NPCC’s High-level Indicator website that targeted a specific audience that the NPCC staff needed to reach – policy and decision makers? Without sacrificing the data’s credibility, we helped NPCC staff illustrate to governor-appointed representatives and the rest of the Columbia River Basin the status and trends of the region’s fisheries resources.


Data managment, HLI's and Website(s) :

Sturgeon HLI Lamprey HLI Subbasin Dashboard Status and Trends